Fall is FALLING!

Fall is FALLING!

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Bringing these scents into your home will establish a consistent feeling of warmth and happiness! 

Explore the 2022 Fall Collection of fragrances and scents in all your favorite Bowes Signature Candle products

Enjoy the scents of the season with our Fall Collection. 
Cinnamon & Pumpkin - Scented Candle What it smells like: sweet, spiced, creamy pumpkin (a.k.a. the essence of fall). What it does: delivers an amazing, room-filling fragrance experience.

Dragon's Blood - This warm tantalizing  blend of ambers and woods consists of patchouli, rose, jasmine, and other floral notes brings the strength of the dragon and the mystery  with you

Ethan's Pumpkin -  Fragrant with notes of cinnamon, clove, and something sweet this fall classic is a sweet and cozy reminder of the season

Fall Leaves - Wrap yourself in the smell of autumn air with our vibrant Fall Leaves scent. 

Fall Road - evoke memories of autumn gatherings spent with friends and family in the crisp air with Fall Road. 

Pumpkin - The best Pumpkin scent ever, or so we hear all the time. Enjoy wax melts, pils, and candles with the true pure pumpkin aroma. 

Pumpkin Vanilla - Creamy vanilla with fluffy and spicy notes of pumpkin  create the dreamiest sweet pumpkin smell

Scary Pumpkin - This Not So Scary scent of  fresh pumpkin with spicy notes is sure to make you feel like putting on your halloween costume early. 


Witch's Broom - A woody composition with cinnamon hints and touches of citrus will have you ready to fly and making you think magical thoughts.

As the weather cools nothing is better to spread cozy and friendly cheer like fragrances that awaken the fun memories of the season. 

Also the perfect gift for someone to remind them of that Autumn tradition year round! 

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