Hand Sanitizer Resort Signature- Smells Like Disney!

Back to School and Back to Clean

Posted by Bowes Signature Candles

Whether you're headed back to high school or off to college, we've got the fun back-to-school fragrances you're definitely going to need.

There is no better way to get on your new teacher's good side than bringing a sweet start of the year gift. Something sweet that may remind her of her vacation stay at the Polynesian Resort is a great idea!

Perhaps you need to stock up on scents that help you study- and maybe some supplies to help you use those scents. Check out our diffusers and wax melt warmers. 

Searching for the ideal wax melt diffuser? Shop online with Bowes Signature Candles to find just the wax melt diffuser you are looking for!


And remember new school year.... new germs.  But Bowes makes the best Hand Sanitizers That Work But Don't Dry Out Your Skin! 

Our sanitizer provide excellent germ protection for the whole family and smell like your favorite places! 


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